A Traditional Approach

A Traditional Approach

Although speed and efficiency are often considered the most important elements in a modern kitchen, we believe that there are some older and more important ingredients we tend to overlook in our current culinary world. 

Japanese cooking traditionally starts with respect.  Respect is given to all of the ingredients we use.  Respect is given to both the methodologies and processes inherent in all Japanese cooking.  Respect is given to all the hands that touch the food from its beginning to the finished product. 

Finally, our ultimate respect is given to our customers. 

Our Menu

100% of our Paitan rich broth topped with tender chicken thigh meat and shitake mushroom.
Traditional shoyu ramen with an update on the protein.  Sub chashu out for vegan option.
Traditionally flavored bone broth ramen, served with belly and ajitama.
Vegan option with aromatic broth and our house-made akamiso base.
Deep fried tofu, topped with Bonito shavings
Chicken confit over mixed green and sesame dressing.
Deep fried potato dumplings (Vegetable version shown)
Poached soy beans, salted
Deep fried squid tentacles, sprinkled with shichimi pepper mix
Grilled chicken & pork skewers, slightly spicy.
[DINE-IN ONLY] Fried pig ears with crispy onions, sweet and savory.
Deep-fried chicken drumettes and mid sections.  Sweet and slightly spicy.
[DINE-IN ONLY] Grilled eggplants with garlic.

Build Your Own

We took an unique position when creating our ramen by asking a question, “What if we can build our own?”

BYO 101

BYO 101

The basics of behind each building block of "Build Your Own Ramen". Please read first before building your fist bowl to enhance your dining experience.
BYO Menu

BYO Menu

Current "Build Your Own Ramen" menu.
BYO Ideas

BYO Ideas

Here are some staple/sample recipes enjoyed by our customers and crew alike.

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Promos, events, and specials for the month


Last Day of Operation

Thank you all for supporting us.

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Quick overview of our unique offerings


Quality Food

Traditional methods and quality ingredients meet timely execution.


Unique Experiences

We offer a high concept Japanese themed restaurant that allows a "Build Your Own" approach to all ramen lovers.


Social Distance

We want everyone to have a good time and to be safe. We ensure that every party will have plenty of open and safe spacing.


Craft Cocktails

We rotate an array of creative and seasonal craft cocktails. They are perfect for any evening out with friends and family.



Environmentally sound practice in every step of our food production, from local sourcing to a robust compost program


Military Discounts

Active/Retired military personnel and their spouse will receive a discount on their bill. Thank you for your service.

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Lunch (Tue ~Sun / 11:00am~2:00pm)
Dinner (Daily / 4:30pm ~ 9:00pm)

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