Time, Our Secret Ingredient

Inaka means “rural” in Japanese.  This does not mean that our food is mundane.  It is anything but ordinary. 

We simply take the approach that “Less is More”.  Using traditional methodologies and modern innovations, our food is both prepared and presented in a simple and basic format that enhances the depth of its flavors. 

Time is not only our best but most essential secret ingredient. 

We do not hurry when it comes to making our broths.  Some take up to two days to develop their full richness of flavor. 

We speed up when it comes to assembling our ramen.  Ramen should be made fresh and served piping hot. 

We strive to for the perfect cooking time for each of our components. 

The sheer joy on our customer’s faces when eating a bowl of a perfectly cooked ajitama or chashu brings great happiness to each of our contributing culinarians.